Barbarian’s Prize

I am going to start this review off by stating how freakin’ scary-ugly this book’s cover is. This author needs to seriously stick to blue abs shots for her covers and not show faces. Leave it to me and my healthy imagination. While I’m sure this cover model is handsome, he looks like the stuff of nightmares with this Photoshop job.


Close Liasons

I’ve been having a good streak going with the Sci Fi romance genre, so I decided to check this recommendation out. What I expected, hot sexy times with an invading alien force. What I got, however, was the author trying to make go outside, find the first vegetarian I see, and punch them in the face. It’s not even that I hate vegetarians. One of my close friends is Radha Soami ( a religion that abstains from meat and alcohol), and when he comes over, I make him a Boca burger and we hang out as he stares in a jealous longing of my bacon and beer. What I do hate is when an author tries to push an agenda on me in the disguise of a book that was supposed to be filled with alien smutty goodness.

Ral’s Woman

Ral’s Woman is a story of a woman who has been abducted by a species of aliens called the Anzons. They are dying out due to their 18:1 male/female ratio and has been searching all throughout space for another species that is compatible to breed with. Luckily for Ariel, she is not, so is spared (and the human race along with her) being a breeder for these aliens, and instead is given to their slaves that they have working the mine on their meteor base. They make their slaves fight, the winner receiving her as his prize, and she witnesses a brutal contest where the biggest of the group wins and claims her as his prize.


Undeniable is one of those books that I really wanted to like. It was edgy, gritty, and exactly what a MC book should be. If I take it as just a MC fiction and not a romance, it may have been rated higher, but alas it was supposed to be a romance, and that is where it fell short for me. Maybe I should have heeded the author’s warning a little bit more.

Sinister Kisses

Ummm…No. Just No. What started off pretty a pretty interesting read went from 0-100 on the domestic violence scale WAY TOO HARD for me. I understand the BDSM lifestyle, and if that is your kink then have at it. I’m not a prude by any means, I actually enjoy books that are on the darker side but this one…this one just made me want to choke the life out of the main character (male). Beating a woman with a belt because she didn’t finish her “chores” is not sexy. It’s sad. The fact that she let him do this…

Golden Dynasty

When this book was recommended to me I thanked a book club friend and then didn’t follow up on it. The cover looked so bootleg I was super unimpressed. There was so many other books that I wanted to read, this one was forgotten for awhile. A part of me wishes it stayed that way. Last night I found myself in a particular mood, saw this book still waiting on my Kindle and looked up the description before reading it. Once I read it I was immediately interested in it despite the uninspiring cover, hoping to relive my enjoyment of my favorite GoT (Game of Thrones) story arc. Which one is that? Do you even have to ask? It is the story of Khal Drogo and Daenerys.


God. Where do I begin? I haunt the GoodReads book lists to find books that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. On GoodReads, I have found some really good ones but then there are some highly reviewed ones that have me scratching my head and wondering how in the hell did that particular book achieve a top spot. This book is one of them.